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May 25, 2010

The Ohio Postcard Collection:

For the past couple of years, the staff in Genealogy, History, and Travel have been busy working on a project that will bring a large collection of Ohio postcards to the public. The collection was originally purchased back in the 1970s with funds provided by the John M. Lewis estate, and it has been added to over the years.

In 2008 approximately 9,000 postcards covering numerous Ohio towns and cities were digitized, and since then, the staff of Genealogy, History and Travel has been adding metadata to each postcard. (Yes, we have physically touched each postcard at least once, and often several times.) Over the past couple of years this has become quite an interdepartmental project, where the staff of GHT and Digital Services/Information Technology have worked closely to customize the database software that holds the postcard collection.

After many, many months of work, the collection "went live" this morning. This will be a wonderful historical resource for the public as the historical postcards show Ohio from the early 20th century, a landscape that has changed dramatically since these images were taken.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my fellow staff members in GHT for all the hard work, effort, and patience they’ve exhibited over the past couple of years, while working on this project. Great job guys: Julie Callahan, Scott Caputo, Bonnie Chandler, Russ Pollitt, Tom Reitz, Nick Taggart, and Judith Zawodniak.   …On to the next project !!


WOW, this is great!!!

What a cool resource. I love old postcards and I've had fun looking at all the places I've lived or visited.

Many Thanks for Bringing this forward

The collection is fabulous. How fortunate to make this available online. I did not know your library had such an interesting collection. Can't wait to see more of your future new features!

We appreciate your interest

We appreciate your interest in the Ohio Postcard collection.  Towards the end of the summer, we will be launching the Columbus Memory Project in anticipation of the Columbus Bicentennial celebration in 2012.  This online museum of Columbus history will have many historically significant and unique items, and will help to build the momentum for the 2012 celebration.

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